Did DAVE GROHL Invent Reggaeton?

Dave Grohl

Composing is an art, every songwriter and musician know this, but can someone accidentally be permeated by a music style? That’s what the ex-Nirvana‘s drummer and leader of Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl says. Apparently, a bit of Reggaeton (the hated Caribbean rhythm of the song “Despacito”) got into a song of his, and his reaction was hilarious as usual.

As the talented drummer, singer and composer said: “I thought I just discovered the coolest drum beat in the world, all the sudden I realize that every Justin Bieber song has it”. As he said in an interview, he just finished composing “Run”, one of their latest hits, when his producer said “Oh, you have brought us a Reggaeton beat”, and Grohl asked, “what the hell is that?”.

If you listen to the two minutes mark of the song “Run”, the beat is clearly distinguishable, a constant drum that could be mistaken for a Reggaeton. Of course, the leader of Foo Fighters could never intend to mix himself with the likes of Bieber and many other popular singers that adopted that popular beat.

What went “wrong”?

The question stands high, how could this rock-star and grunge hero become a Reggaeton composer? The answer comes from Foo Fighters‘ drummer Taylor Hawkins: “I imagine that this beat got in our heads unconsciously when we take our kids to school. I find it fun, we used the most popular rhythm in the World without even knowing”.

That clearly speaks about the genius of Dave Grohl and company, a band that created dozens of great songs and never copied anything. This became a particular truth after Kurt Cobain‘s death, in the creation of Foo Fighters, when everybody knew that the lead drummer of Nirvana knew how to play, but they didn’t have much hope in him.

But there’s not much of “Despacito” in the song “Run”, it’s hard to notice it the first time you hear it, but you will need luck unhearing it. “Every fuckin’ Justin Beiber song has it… I was like, ‘Oh no.’”, exclaimed Grohl in a mixture of sadness and his typical and appealing smile. It isn’t hard to believe, as Hawkins said, that the beat just got onto their heads without their knowledge. If you think about it, there aren’t many radio stations that steer clear of that song beat. In fact, analyses of Bieber‘s music show that he uses that rhythm in more of 90% of his songs.

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