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I have to admit that picking out my fave records of the year 2011 was quite a hard task for me, even though it seems that in no year before I bought so many records, which are almost 100 LPs. But then most of these were released the years before or – and that would be much more often the case – come from almost four decades ago. Because I didn´t even find a mentionable re-release of 2011, I´ll just go for the following three newer records to be my favorites of this year.

Pater Nembrot “Sequoia Seeds”

You might call me biased for a bit, because I know these guys personally since we´ve been doing several shows together. But then still I think that especially with this album they are one of the most underrated bands of our times. You need only to listen to a song like “H.A.A.R.P.” or “Once were Mud” to see what i mean. Great songwriting and outstanding lyrics here, especially regarding this rather ineloquent “Stonerscene” we consider to be part of. Italy still has a high potential and many great bands. This is my favorite so far. There are hints to the Progressive 70s, to Stonerrock and to early 90s Grunge. Sometimes it reminds me of Soundgarden in their later days, but then for me personally these never have been so close to being “perfect” in a sense. I totally adore this record!

Orchid “Capricorn”

I think this is the only CD I bought in 2011, because there was no LP-release to that very day. Orchid exactly do the kind of songs that people would expect to come from Black Sabbath in the original line-up during their best days, but we all should know these times are over and to be realistic there´s few too expect of them. I saw Sabbath´s last reunion show at the end of the nineties and somehow ended that chapter. For now, it seems, Orchid are here to fill that hole of expectation and do it very well! This one is for pure entertainment though, they´re not much an “original band” in the sense of creating something very new, but on the other hand it´s really a great record.

Wight “Wight Weedy Wight”

Came off as a real surprise! These guys are from farther West Germany and they´re surely one of the best new Stonerdoom acts from our country, where I often missed both; originality and the ability to play or even write great songs. These guys have it and their frontman can really sing which somehow implies the only little thing I would dare to critizize: PLEASE do more vocals!!! All the rest is really in my kind of vibe.

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