Premiere: BLINDBOSS Release “Fake Internet Points” Video

Max Gomez (Blindboss)

Costa Mesa, California’s experimental one-man band Blindboss returns this Friday, July 10th with the release of a new EP entitled Monster. The new five-tracker comes two years after the release of the Our Tribe album, which received excellent reviews back in 2018.

Premiering today is a music video for “Fake Internet Points,” the lead single from Monster. Speaking about the story of the song and the title multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Max Gomez says, “I used to lurk Reddit quite a bit and there was always this tongue-in-cheek celebration and/or condemnation of “fake internet points” when a post or comment got high upvotes—like someone would just say a comment in order to accrue these precious fictitious objects. I liked that concept and applied it across all social media. The lyrics are critical of how social media has changed the way we think and behave.

The video for “Fake Internet Points” was directed by Timmy Lunsford, whose work Gomez praises. He states, “Man is a magician when it comes to editing. The background art was done by an artist in Bristol UK named Guts (@dc_guts), whose work I greatly admire. To be honest, there was a ‘sub plot’ to the video that would’ve involved a board room and lots of extra people to fulfill executives roles for a mock social media company. But with the hiatus of common life due to the current global situation, I went for my next favorite idea: absurdity. I don’t think it’s really too far off the mark either. This world is battling ideas right now resulting in balderdash and I wanted to reflect that in a goofy way, so I channeled some Willy Wonka and Die Antwoord in an effort to make something weird and fun.

Musically, Blindboss continues exploring different musical elements and mashing them together into a cohesive whole. The artwork of the EP features art by Will Thompson. “It’s about the concept of whale fall. Look it up, it’s pretty crazy what one’s previous life can do for many others in death.

Monster is out on July 10th; the EP is available for pre-order on Bandcamp. Watch a video for “Fake Internet Points” below.

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