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In a recent interview with Jordan Blum of Rebel Noise, Between the Buried and Me bassist Dan Briggs talked about the band’s upcoming live DVD/Blu-ray release Coma Ecliptic: Live which is out on April 28th via Metal Blade Records.

Asked about the band’s plans in the near future, Briggs said that the band members started writing music for a new release. He commented:

I shared a bunch of demos before we went to Europe. We got home a couple weeks ago and the guys have been sharing more stuff, too. We’re starting to put some pieces together. Those of us who live in North Carolina are getting together this week to have a coffee and demo sit-down. We’ve had this marker board since ‘Alaska‘ and it’s always fun to bring it out for our writing sessions. It helps put things in perspective. We got really good at using it with ‘Parallax II,’ where we started arranging the demos on the marker board to have a visual sense of what we’re working with. With the last album, we had some songs that came in as full compositions that we tweaked and then saw where we had space to work on. Like, ‘Okay, we have the start of this one. We know what’s going to end up on this song.’ That helped us build.

When you write in terms of a full album—which we do—it’s really fun and it helps so much. So yeah, we’re at the early stages of that. We’ve been sharing so much via email that it’ll be nice to get together and see what we’ve come up with together. Then we’ll probably work on more at home and get together at the end of April. When we have a plan, man, we’re going at lightning speed. I think that that’s just how I like to write and create. I just want to capture it in the moment. It’s all about getting that moment in time and making it the best representation of you at that time and move on. It’s important because we’re looking back at ten years with ‘Colors‘ and that album was a perfect representation of us then, for sure. I think we realize how important it is to do that.

Briggs also said that the upcoming release will possibly be another concept album.

[Yeah], Tommy [Rogers, singer] shared an idea when we were on tour. I don’t know if he’ll stick to it; he usually bounces a couple and goes from there. That’s what important about the sit-downs: we all get our ideas out there and then the ones that are more song-structured are ready; then you can build off of them with themes that would be interesting to put around the record. You know, to give it a more cinematic feel. I always get so excited doing that. That’s what’s most fun about playing entire records live. You feel the structure in the set, you know? Having that flow from song to song makes playing it live feel really good, as opposed to playing random songs from your career and trying to make them flow in some way.

Read the full interview with Dan Briggs here. He also shared a photo via his personal Twitter account, which was retweeted by the official band’s account (see below).

Pre-order Coma Ecliptic: Live from Metal Blade Records here.

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