Exclusive: ASYMMETRIC UNIVERSE Launch Video for “The Clouds Passing By”

Exclusive: ASYMMETRIC UNIVERSE Launch Video for "The Clouds Passing By"

Back in March Turin, Italy-based progressive metal trio Asymmetric Universe launched their debut EP When Reality Disarticulates, and teaming up with Prog Sphere the band is launching a music video for the EP’s closing track “The Clouds Passing By,” which features a trumpet solo by guest musician Cesare Mecca.

Commented the band: “‘The Clouds Passing By’ marks the end of a long philosophical journey about the research of a new set of values. When we discover through our rational eyes that beyond the nature, morality and truth lies nothing but the void and habit, we want to know if something in life has an objective meaning. Art in its subjectivity maybe can really be an alternative to the truth. The title of this track comes from a Charles Baudelaire’s poem called “The Stranger.” In this masterpiece Baudelaire perfectly describes how “the clouds passing by” (that symbolize an artistic life) actually contain more truth than any other human value such as family or other things. This is not necessarily what we think, but anyway we really love that poem and its meaning. Sometimes we need to remember that although our values have a strong meaning they have a human origin.

The video for “The Clouds Passing By” was directed by Donatello Viti and Arianna Pellini, with whom the band previously worked on a video for “Hermeneutic Shock.”

We are pretty happy how both videos came out! Being quite technical music, our biggest challenge was to recreate the original interpretation of what we played in the EP. We think we managed well thanks to our amazing directors that allowed us to feel comfortable during the video shooting,” the band stated.

Asymmetric Universe focus their efforts on the promotion of the EP presently, with a number of playthrough videos to be released in the near future. There are also plans for a tour in Italy and Europe for the coming months.

Watch a video for “The Clouds Passing By” below. When Reality Disarticulates is available from Bandcamp; follow Asymmetric Universe on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Asymmetric Universe line-up:

Federico Vese – Guitars
Nicolò Vese – Bass
Gabriele Bullita – Drums

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