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We recently started an action together with Prog Sphere Promotions, where we ask friends & fans of the bands off the Prog Sphere Promotions roster to submit their questions. First up turned to be a mini interview with Scott from Øresund Space Collective. Here are “your” questions and Scott’s answers.

Scot Heller: "I would love to play a gig with some bigger bands like Hawkwind or Ozric tentacles or Porcupine Tree as this would open the musical ears of many potential new fans."

Johnny B.: Do you have in plan doing any new sessions in 2012?

Thanks for your question. Yes… We will have a proper studio session this year hopefully with my US friend and amazing guitar player Daniel Lars. An ØSC meets Causa Sui studio session is also on the books as well as some rehearsal room jams with the guys from Highway Child and other bands. A few concerts will be played as well.

Danijel H.: If someone comes to you with an offer to do a jam with you guys, would you accept to do it?

Yes, for sure, we are open for new blood, new ideas… It is just a question of when and where and if we all feel these people would be compatible with our musical vibe…

Steve A.: Are there any jams left to be released at some point in future or you are working on completely new stuff?

Yes… We have two releases of material for 2012 from the Oct 2010 studio session. There is also an unreleased jam from 2008 that has overdubs by Greg from Architectural Metaphor/Secret Saucer that needs to me properly mixed. There are also some unreleased jams from most of the studio sessions that are just not finished. Lots of stuff.

Chrisopher M.: Which of your previously released jams was the hardest to manage? Meaning that it was extremely hard for you to find a common “language”.

Wow… That is a tricky question. If you are talking the rehearsal room jams, I would say Acid Soup. This had a lot of different players with different styles all trying to find a space… Crazy stuff!

David M.: If there is a chance for you to pick a band you would love to play with, what band would that be?

Well, I would love to play a gig with some bigger bands like Hawkwind or Ozric tentacles or Porcupine Tree as this would open the musical ears of many potential new fans. But musican wise, I would love to teleport Frank Marino or David Gilmour into one of our jams…

James Lee: Do you generally talk about the direction to where your songs will go prior the jam or all you do is plugging your instruments in and “let’s rock!”?

We just plug in, rock… It has always been this way, not a lot of discussion, except maybe what key to play in…

Sam T.: Have you written any songs which were products of a designed plan, with multilayering, overdubbing and all that stuff?

This group has not done this at all. I think everyone is involved in their own bands and uses their energy for that and use ØSC has a vehicle to create new spontaneous musical expressions. I have made a song with Johan from First band from outer space that is melodic spacey doom. I will get a bit more involved in some studio song stuff this year in a more DOOM direction. We will see what happens.

Petar M.: What’s your experience from playing the Roadburn Festival?

It was totally amazing. I was really flying, the sound on the stage was amazing, the room was packed and the people totally into it. The 90mins went by way too fast and we are used to playing much longer. If we had another hour, we would really have reached a peak… We have a video of the entire show…

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