Exclusive: ACIDIUN Launch Music Video for Riff-Laden “Insight”

Exclusive: ACIDIUN Launch Music Video for Riff-Laden "Insight"

Uppsala, Sweden’s metalcore five-piece ACIDIUN released their full-length debut album The Coalescence in September last year. Teaming up with Prog Sphere, the band is launching a music video for the song “Insight” taken from the mentioned release. Watch it below.

Commented the band: “The lyrics of ‘Insight’ represent the aftermath of one’s decision when you realize what you’ve done and you’re left with the consequences. In the album’s storyline the protagonist is dealing with his thoughts after committing to a murder. Shooting this video was so much fun since we just did what we normally do when we hit the stage… We go out with full energy and have the best of times. This video truly captures Acidiun and our will to just headbang and give it our all.

The Coalescence is a concept album about a fictive character with a deranged mind, coping with the opposing forces in his head. Two singles — “Urges” and “Burn Bright” — were launched prior the release.

With a blend of hardcore, thrash and death metal Acidiun write songs that are driven by ferocious riffs and everchanging transitions with an organic flow. The music and songs are diverse and Acidiun keeps the brutality in the music along with grooves, blastbeats and breakdowns.

The Coalescence is available from Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and Deezer. For more from ACIDIUN follow the band on Facebook and Instagram.

Acidiun - The Coalescence

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