3 Rock Musicians and Their Interesting Hobbies

The rock industry is a rather competitive one. Only a handful of exceptional singers manage to rise to the top and have their albums heard by millions. Those singers, although they are regular people, they often have interesting behaviors and hobbies.

Besides the classic rock concerts and partying these singers engaged in, they also have a couple of less usual but surely fascinating personal hobbies. In this article, we will showcase three rock legends with very interesting hobbies. Although they are best known for their love for music, we will try to focus more on their other passions in this piece.

Lemmy – Gambling

If there’s one singer known for his gambling passion in the rock community it surely has to be Lemmy, the lead singer of Motorhead. His band is responsible for creating a timeless rock song focused on gambling, “The Ace of Spades.” If you’re stepping into any land-based casino the chances of stumbling upon this song are quite high. By many, it is considered to be the greatest gambling song of all time.

While other musicians are into card games and roulette, Lemmy had other preferences. The iconic rocker was a fan of slot machines, which he was frequently playing in particular club from London. He also liked playing blackjack but, not as much as the slots.

His legacy in the gambling community is so big that you might even stumble upon his songs in certain virtual casinos while playing the online slots or other casino games. If not, you can always play them on your computer to enhance the gambling experience.

This online form of gambling is often quite good for comfort since you don’t have to leave the house. Lemmy was surely a fan of comfort since he often used to play the slots for relaxation. This makes you wonder if he would’ve switched to online gambling because of its advantages or not.

Eric Clapton – Fishing

This might come as a surprise to many but, yes, Eric Clapton, the man behind many classic rock songs is into fishing. He’s one of the greatest musicians ever, a former member of bands like Cream, the creator of “Layla” and “Wonderful Tonight” but, also a fishing enthusiast.

In fact, we can call him more than a fishing enthusiast considering that his fishing journeys always had satisfying results. He went fishing in Iceland a couple of times, always catching huge fish that would surprise even professional fishermen. Clapton even managed to catch one of the year’s biggest salmon in Iceland, in 2016 and 2017.

Many might see fishing as a hobby for retired people. Although Eric cut back on his partying and rockstar lifestyle, he is surely not retired. He’s just about to finish the Eric Clapton World Tour (2019) this September. He had shows in five locations from Asia, seven from Europe and is going to finish off with five more concerts in the US.

James Hetfield – Custom Cars

You probably know this singer for his contribution to the world-famous metal band called Metallica. He spends plenty of time on tour and other rock gigs, putting his mark on the world. However, when he’s at home, he spends more time on his hobby, customizing cars and bikes.

Many rockstars have a passion for cars and bikes but Hetfield’s involvement in this hobby is exceptional. He owned a large number of classic cars throughout the years, all of them custom made to fit his taste. They all look very eye-catching.


Most rock musicians are known for their extravagant lifestyles and the legendary music they created. They are less known for their hobbies and personal pursuits. The three rockstars mentioned above surely had a couple of interesting hobbies that they could have performed at a professional level, if not for their love for rock.

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