Widek – Outside The Universe

Widek - Outside the Universe

Hailing from Gdańsk in Poland, Maciej Dawidek, aka Widek, creates instrumental music in a “djent”/melodic metal vein. A prolific artist and sound engineer, he performs all music himself on ‘Outside The Universe‘, his fourth album in four years. A few djent artists are also guesting on some tracks.

On the level of ambiances, serene atmospheres share the bill with agressive twists. This changing vibe mirrors our life where permanent stress is counterbalanced by blissful moments. The serenity is suggested by echoing lulling guitar licks and dreamy keyboards, while abrupt sinister guitars and syncopated drums lay the ground for a theater of brutal tensions. On Enter through the sun, this dichotomy is also highlighted by the versatilty of guest vocalist Matthieu Romarin, of french djent band Uneven Structure. A cry for help in the oppressive world is even marked by those notes climbing the stairway to heaven in a dizzying fashion.

Some guitarists come break the quiet/troubled duality (compatriot Piotr Gruszka, aka Gru, but also the Czech Tomáš Raclavský from Modern Day Babylon, and the talented englisman Sithu Aye). Their solos are short without much showing-off, instead spicing up the music with an outburst that contrasts with the delicacy of our polish mastermind. While retaining the codes of “djent”, Widek’s universe shows a more sensitive and melodic approach. Pensive ambient pieces like Celestial or The last day on earth even further enhance the touching side of the polish guitarist.

Outside The Universe is a very good work of modern contrasted instrumental music. I regard it as a reflection on the duality of ours societies where people live happier, yet are also more fragile psychologically due to a higher pressure put on them.


1. The Space Between Us

2. Above The Sky

3. Spiral

4. Galaxy

5. Aries (feat. Gru)

6. Stargaze

7. Orion

8. Cosmic Ocean (feat. Tomáš Raclavský)

9. ION

10. Saturn (feat. Sithu Aye)

11. Celestial

12. Falling Universe (feat. Gru)

13. The Last Day on Earth

14. Ursa Major (feat. Gru)

15. Enter Through The Sun (feat. Matthieu Romarin & Gru)

16. The Astronaut 03:23

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