Album Review: Welcome Inside the Brain – Queen of the Day Flies

Welcome Inside the Brain - Queen of the Day Flies

Welcome Inside the Brain is a ‘70s hard rock-influenced, blues-based, heavy prog rock band. The group’s sophomore effort Queen of the Day Flies is a journey back in time with a focus on the bass, drums and guitar, along with the vocals. WITB is a five-piece outfit hailing from Leipzig in Germany. The band is comprised of singer Frank Mühlenberg, guitarist Georg Spieß, keyboardist Johann Fritsche, bassist Paul Lapp, and drummer Hans Otto.

Welcome Inside the Brain harkens back to when music was pure and heavy, not watered down. The band opens the album with “Baptist Preacher” which builds the tone for the rest of the record with its heavy and plodding tones. With “Naked Philosopher” and “Broken Record,” the album inevitably falls under the heading “mostly instrumental” for its extended jam sections, but it’s worth noting that when there are vocals they come on with structure behind. The songs continue the heaviness, but the tempo kicks it into another gear, energizing them. The band often flirts with heavy psychedelic rock, as well as prog, but tunes remain to be rooted within the heavy genre. WITB don’t feel by any means tied to a formula, and drummer Hans Otto has his work cut out for him keeping the jams tied to the ground throughout the album. To his credit, he does, and even at these songs’ farthest out, there’s something for listeners to hold onto. It’s part of the overall balance that WITB seem to have a natural hold of, between stoner rock, jam and psych.

Welcome Inside the Brain

The title track opens with a classic rock inspired guitar intro that is very to the point, showing off some dynamics in the confines of the music. That doesn’t last long before the heavy riffs kick in and hammer you. While the riffs are dark, heavy and ‘70s-inspired. Georg Spieß showcases fiery chops that slide into more traditional rock soloing.

WITB unloads with an album that captures the energy of rock in a stripped-down sonic landscape. The riffs are heavy and crushing. They fill the room with sound. While the band could be considered a “jam” band, there is a method to the madness, and the quintet showcases raw skill and ever-expounding energy.

Grab this masterpiece from Bandcamp here.

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