Warrior Soul – Destroy the War Machine

I used to be a huge Warrior Soul fan and I really love their records, especially the last two that they made with the original band. This punk space age playboys stuff was not really my thing but I had heard this was pretty good.

This new band is mostly Swedish guys and they rock. The opening track, Fuck the Pigs, is a pretty aggressive number but also a melodic edge and it really rocks. Kory’s voice is shot to hell but his character still comes through and he can write some good lyrics still.

The Fourth Reich next is probably the best track on the CD. I like the heavy riff and powerful political lyrics. is a straight up rock number like the Hellacopters.

Don’t Believe is a song with a statement about the music business and just getting back to playing. It slows things down a bit and has some nice melodic guitar lines.

Burning Bridges they repeat the chorus too many times otherwise it would be a good hard rock track.

Bad News (Rock and Roll Boyfriend) is almost cliché 80s metal stuff in the lyrics but a powerful guitar makes up for it.

She’s Glaswegian seems to be about meeting some Norwegian girls in the bars in! The track is musically different from the other tracks with a different mood, vocal mix and they have the slow sections between the main lyrical sections.

A pretty solid rock record that closes with the Iggy Pop song, Knock em Down. Only 35 minutes, highly political, aggressive and rocking stuff, even if musically they offer little new.

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