Vlubä – Supraluminosos

Supraluminosos (2011) - VLUBÄAnother psychic agent, let me say.

VLUBÄ are an Argentinean mysterious duo who have created drone / psychedelic / electronic ambient timbres since mid 2000s. As if I would get into a MRI machine, a bunch of electronic knocks chops can be jammed into my brain, with weird voices infernally saturated. Cannot only make an expression that they play electronic dark psychedelia, but also that they may be flowed along with the Kraut-ish ambiance they make by themselves, mysteriously. The second track is more drenched in loud / depressive noise-scape than the previous one, as if dancers on stage could fall more and more deeply into trance. Their dim voices veiled over by electronic effects sound pretty sensual rather than dreadful. Something ethnic or of another inferno can get to be our pleasure nonetheless. Noisy freaky ambiance like the fourth invades with relax into our mind, that will be altered its state. The last scene can be called as VLUBÄ’s core of soundscape, that fully involves ethnic, transgenic, ironic and hypnotic sound streams and atmosphere. You will realize what VLUBÄ mean to do in a flood of volcanic electronic madness finally.


1. (7:49)
2. (8:05)
3. (4:26)
4. (6:29)
5. (13:24)

Total Time 40:13


* Müriscia Divinorum – voices, smk system, arp odyssey, chayera, storms, taikos, broken cymbals, magical mystery flutes
* Aphra Kadabra – egtr, gopichand, barbiebent, real time machine mixing, ray lasers



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