The Ovals – Into The Eyes of Those Who Sleep

The OVALS’ come back here with their second EP “Into The Eyes Of Those Who Sleep”, that’s got more refined and more of mainstream than previous one.

Please let me say they’ve seemed to hitch a ride upon popularity, rather than eccentricity (this means of course, not such a bad change). Yes, all of their stuffs in this album are well-structured, polished, and easily understandable. Regardless of this manner, they could keep, with their strong intention, their psychedelia created with Tadhg’s fuzzy and drone guitar rasps, David’s old-fashioned but keener keyboard taps, Danny’s deep and persistent bass flood, and Duane’s relaxed but steady drumming … with some Kosmiche hints all the whilst. The first track “Refugees” is just well-represented along with their soundscape. Based on widespread deep bass blows and drumming, hazy guitar screams and fuzzy sweet voices can be around the audience. The tune itself has a definite mainstream, but spacey atmosphere that cannot be seen in typical pop scene is tremendous, and should construct their rigid-touched style. The last “Persephone’s Groove” reminds me sensuality in Les Rallizes Denudes or Acid Mothers Temple (without any noisy feedback) or strike me into 60s psychedelic (and self-asserted!) organ-based goodie period.

As mentioned above, each song can be crystallized and as a result sparkling. However, at the same time it’s a bit difficult for me to find conception united with the whole album … in this sense, this time I cannot realize “novelty” in them. Let me say, looking forward to their full album indeed.


1. Refugees (4:58)
2. Lost With Bones (5:26)
3. Heretic (5:00)
4. Persephone’s Groove (6:24)


* David Kalkman – keyboards, voices
* Tadhg W. Neal – guitar, voices
* Danny Smith – bass
* Duane Manning – drums


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