The Intersphere – Relations in the Unseen

The Intersphere - Relations in the Unseen

There is definitely a lot going on on a alternative rock purveyors The Intersphere‘s fourth studio album. Now, the alternative rock tag mentioned here is multiplied by plenty of different elements ranging from classic rock’n'roll, pop, punk to indie and post-rock, spiced by a bit of prog aside. Coming out on March 7th, Relations in the Unseen sees the band pushing the envelope further down the musical trajectory.

The songs on Relations in the Unseen are done in a standard 3-to-5 minute format, and that is one of this band’s biggest creative value. The Intersphere makes appealing music, but it doesn’t necessarily reflect on the sole purpose of reaching the mainstream, but rather to show that this music knows how to be simple and complex in the same time. If I go with the comparisons, the first few names coming on mind are Von Hertzen Brothers, Muse and Dredg. There are many similarities between The Intersphere and mentioned artists, but only in the style they tend to follow. However, with the fourth album Mannheim’s quartet shows the maturity on every step.

The Intersphere

The quality of the songs is nicely balanced throughout the record. Every piece on the album serves the purpose of bringing together the powerful melodic lines and moving grooves, reaching down to the essentials of the great music. Massive soundwalls of Relations in the Unseen are full of unpredictable twists and turns, the album showcases moments of cosmically raw and explosive power, scattered around patterns of vivid harmony, riveting rock’n'roll grooves, and more.

The Intersphere waste no time in showing that they are vastly accomplished musicians with a host of brilliant elements in their arsenal. With Relations in the Unseen, Germans deliver a sonic solution that encompasses the unique and intriguing set of songs with style and flair. With blueprints that demand both sophistication and agressiveness, the band genuinely sounds like they are on fire. No matter is it their most tense or most emotional moment, they manage to loose their inhibitions knowingly. The progressiveness of this music doesn’t prove by employment of odd-time signatures, but rather through a skillfully conveyed compositions that sound fresh and enjoyable.

With this release, The Intersphere have immediately cast themselves as a vital new voice of rock. The results of the talent mergence each one in the band brings to the table show that originality is not a long-forgotten term. Get it while it’s hot!


01. Relation in the Unseen
02. Thanks for Nothing
03. The Ones We Never Knew
04. Out of Phase
05. Panic Waves
06. Joker
07. Tonight
08. Origin Unknown
09. Walk on Broken Glass
10. The Ghost of a Chance
11. …like it is
12. Golden Mean


Christoph Hessler
Thomas Zipner
Sebastian Wagner
Moritz Müller


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