Soulhenge – Anachronism

Soulhenge - Anachronis EP

Progressive metalcore outfit from Luxembourg, Soulhenge just released a new EP, Anachronism, on May 20. The band is a technically proficient, inventive unit that adeptly mixes progressive metalcore, deathcore, djent and prog metal into a heavy, catchy and dynamic release.

Classical influence in modern metal always intrigues me, and “A New Dawn,” Anachronism’s opening number, captured my attention immediately with a haunting, heavy introduction featuring polyrhythmic chug patterns akin to Born of Osiris. Though such elements could be a foundation for an entire EP, part of the charm of Soulhenge is their willingness to diversify and adapt. Songs like “The Atomic Age” and are not afraid to delve into mid-2000’s metalcore territory.

Vocalist Ozzy (not Osbourne, but Booyah) and guitarists Milian Steffen and Yannick Kohl are diverse in their delivery, maintaining my interest throughout the EP with diverse screams, growls, prog metal shrieks and singing sections that do not conform to any one genre. Guitarists in particular bring versatile, technical and melodic guitar work to the album, and Joe Gengler makes dynamic use of his drums as a part of Soulhenge’s sound. Though there are distinct bass sections throughout the EP, I would love to hear more from Charel Borschette.

Overall, Soulhenge’s Anachronism is a release that holds its own with most of its competitors in the genre, shining in its diversity. In a scene where many albums often have songs that are nearly indistinguishable from each other, it is refreshing and impressive to hear a release where each song has a unique place, incorporating different approaches from a number of genres and influences. Though, at times, Soulhenge seemed close to spiraling out of control with their eclectic approach, they manage to reign in their ambitions for a focused, diverse release that I have continued to enjoy after several listens.


1. A New Dawn 04:28
2. The Atomic Age 03:52
3. Serenity 04:19
4. Anachronism 04:43


* Ozzy Booyah – vocals
* Millian Steffen – guitars
* Yannick Kohl – guitars
* Charel Borschette – bass
* Joe Gengler – drums





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