Sleepin Pillow – Superman’s Blues

SLEEPIN PILLOW are a promising Greek psychedelic progressive rock outfit that could win a popularity among Greek rock fans with their debut album “Apples On An Orange Tree” released in 2008. Although they have belonged to popular rock scene in Greece, they may be seeking after something of worldwide breakthrough, I always feel via their second album “Superman’s Blues”, more trippy, more garage-y than the previous one.

You can find some catchy flavour especially upon the title track (maybe) for popular appeal, but mysteriously and amazingly, they cannot go along with “pure popularity” so to speak. Please listen to the first and second one, and you can be punched out by their heavy fuzz with psychedelic texture stirring our brain patchily. Their melody lines can be more of mainstream than other Psychedelic Prog / Space Rock bands’ but that’s not all … not only the way to be enjoyed easily but to push their strong intention for mixture of Greek and Eastern traditional psychedelic rock, they may understand I imagine.

Tremendous stream between “A Big Circle” and “Masterpiece” there is. Upon the former kick, voices with bulky effect can invade into and shake our liver … very painful psychedelia. By the latter one our ears can get remarkable inflammation, that won’t be removed easily. And the last track “Superman’s Singing The Blues” is another (and the real) masterpiece in this creation … Exactly based on the Oriental sitar-sounded background, a quiet and solemn psychedelic show goes on, with simple guitar phrases and drum beats. You can feel very happy under the Greek green air produced by SLEEPIN PILLOW.

A great work indeed.


1. Holy Monster (6:28)
2. Silicone (5:46)
3. Superman’s Blues (3:28)
4. An Idiot’s Point Of View (6:07)
5. Pathetic (6:37)
6. Dope (6:35)
7. Home (2:32)
8. Anakrousis (5:35)
9. A Big Circle (2:27)
10. Masterpiece (4:57)
11. Simple Words Of Truth (3:04)
12. Superman Singing The Blues (5:19)


* Nomik – voices
* Aisha Sama – bass
* Rispa – guitars
* Antoine – keyboards and guitars
* Nick Jacqueline – traditional instruments and percussion
* Skinman – drums


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