Album Review: Sinnrs – Profound


Strong and powerful death metal with a nice modern metal twist and partly some black and symphonic metal influences hits my ears. The vocals are raw, loud and brutal, but understandable and easy to listen to. Good job, Sinnrs! The sound and production of Danish duo’s debut album entitled Profound is fat, but certainly not overproduced. All the instruments and the vocals are well balanced and are served as a delicious blend. Most of the songs are fast and packed with heavy elements. The tracks like “Lift My Bones” and “No Promise to Mankind” are some of the slower songs, but for me two of the highlights of the album. It’s melodic, catchy and filled with some great instrumentation.

Sinnrs - Profound

The faster and heavier songs including “To Derive Eden’s Flame,” “The Storm of I” and “Et Sic Incipit” are kicking in aggressive. It continues with stomping riffs and rhythms alternated by melodic symphonic keys, catchy guitar solos and blast beats. Sinnrs recorded an awesome album. It’s fresh and renewing in a certain way, because of the variety of different metal styles. Compliments!

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