Album Review: Sinheresy – Domino

Sinheresy - Domino

Sinheresy is a Symphonic Metal band from Italy. They started as a Nightwish cover band, but transformed to an author band in 2011. They return with a new album entitled Domino. Let’s see what Sinheresy propose on this new material.

The band’s label Symphonic Metal suits them well and is totally deserved considering the material presented here. Domino kicks off with a tight and fast track and continues in the same fashion throughout the first half of the record. Until here you get some metal work as expected, but they manage to fit nice synth work spread all over with a mix of satisfying male and female vocals.


On the fourth track, “My Only Faith,” Sinheresy kind of slow down, and make you a bit relaxed. Then after that they hit with decent guitar solos, some of them may surprise you… They keep going on tight again, what makes me use the word “tight” for the band’s performance here — if I am asked to choose one word defining this album.

As of sound quality, this album is well mixed and well recorded, although it would have been good if bass player showed himself more. Anyway, with Domino you feel like you are in a dystopian world; and if you are listening to this outside — listening experience gets better.

Overall, this album should entertain you if you like tight, symphonic, complex at times but also fun to listen to bands like Epica or Nightwish. You can feel the work put in this album right from the start. Why not give it a chance if you can?


1. Domino
2. Star Dome
3. Without a Reason
4. My Only Faith
5. Unspoken Words
6. Under Your Skin
7. The Island of Salt and Grass
8. Ocean of Deception
9. Believe
10. …Another Life


Cecilia Petrini – Vocals
Stefano Sain – Vocals
Davide Sportiello – Bass Guitar
Lorenzo Pasutto – Guitars
Alex Vescovi – Drums
Daniele Girardelli – Keyboards


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