Prospective – Chronosphere

Prospective - Chronosphere

Bologna is not the first place that will pop on your mind when it comes to djent, but now we know that this Italian city has incepted at least one band that falls upon the djent tag. Originally project of multi-instrumentalist Flavio Cacciari, Prospective transformed to a full-time band with Cacciari focusing on drums, and addition of bassist Stefano Baldanza, guitarists Davide Ruggeri and Luca Zini. In January this year, the line-up was complete by introducing singer Pietro Serratore.

The PR wire recently sent me a link to the band’s debut release titled “Chronosphere,” a 6-track EP that was released in March this year. After the ambient intro of “Karma’s Lesson,” the EP opener smashes it directly to a listener’s face. “Dreamshade” starts with clean guitar but soon enough it gets on groove with riffs and vocal interchange between cleans and growls. “Increase Pt. 2” is definitely a song where the band put their creative input the most. Clocking over nine minutes, it’s the longest track on the release which pretty well sums up where does Prospective stand at this point of their career. “Chronos Speaks” closes “Chronosphere” in a good way.

With all said, Prospective certainly has quality to make a strong mark further down the road. There are things that could be improved such as high(er) pitch clean singing and production, but that is something that comes together with experience, and I am sure that the band will sort it out.


1. Karma’s Lesson 05:20
2. Dreamshade 05:26
3. Increase Pt1 03:12
4. Increase Pt2 09:36
5. Explore 04:38
6. Chronos Speaks 04:28


* Flavio Cacciari  - drums
* Stefano Baldanza – bass
* Davide Ruggeri  - guitar
* Luca Zini – guitar, vocals
* Pietro Serratore – vocals


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