Review: Pablo Mendoza – The Return of the Migrant

The Return of the Migrant

 After releasing his fourth full-length album Ashes & Sensations in 2018, Spanish guitarist and songwriter Pablo Mendoza took three years to come up with its follow-up. The fifth opus entitled The Return of the Migrant was launched in September 2021, and it continues the path Mendoza previously paved with the debut. But there is more.

Delivering multi-layered, melodic progressive rock, it is quite difficult to hear Mendoza become a cornerstone in any popular commercial channel, and yet the inborn class laced through the A Coruna artist is indisputable and it signals a guaranteed future success. On previous releases, Mendoza showed his influences without shame, and while the albums itself could be tagged as success, the new release takes the musician one step further. One thing is for sure, with The Return of the Migrant Pablo Mendoza is definitely more skilled in his approach to songwriting what ultimately led to a much improved recording.

Instant hunches of “Past is Perfect” are that it is a completely divergent structure to 2014’s release. Aside from the more complex approach in songs, the overall vibe of “The Return of the Migrant” couldn’t be further from the last time Mendoza was at it, and it is evident right off the bat that the main focal point of the artist’s progression has been to put way more significance on the strong guitar delivery. The opening track “Fight” is fundamentally catchy mostly due to Medoza’s powerful riffs and licks that take full control of the song.

The following songs follow the title track’s suite, and it is not until “Antologia” comes forth when The Return of the Migrant takes us on a detour from the punchy and raw feel of its predecessor. The peaceful serenity that the song reveals in the intro fits flawlessly with the impending riff cannonade. The ethereal title track shows a lot of promise and adds ton of variety overall. After the series of more down-to-the-ground pieces, Mendoza wastes no time and is back to firing on all cylinders.

The Return of the Migrant is a marvelous release from the Spaniard. Most of the album suggests towards a highly favorable future for the songwriter. With this record, Pablo Mendoza is finding his vocation in an ever expanding genre.

The album is available from Bandcamp.

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