Orion Tango – Orion Tango

Orion Tango - Orion Tango

Philadelphia’s 1k Recordings label has been regularly releasing experimental music across multiple genres for over 15 years, yet this collaborative release from the label manager and guitarist Tim Motzer, bassist Barry Meehan and drummer Jeremy Carlsted has the label truly coming of age.

Orion Tango is at times a brutally minimalist avant-rock exploration of loathing and at others a nostalgic trip through a bad 1960’s acid trip, 1970’s progressive rock, 1980’s art pop, and 1990’s jazz fusion. Orion Tango is driven in equal parts by noise rock’s harsh guitar, and a sense of sonic adventure and true experimentation. Album highlight “Gravity Knife” is a stunning 17-minute masterpiece; the trio abandons all pretence of accessibility, and that it is the very core of the album. This doesn’t seem like a record that is easy to digest, what is in the core of the experimental music, but there is definitely a lot of balance and determination in the band’s improvisational approach. This only adds to album’s intrigue though, as it makes us question the ideas of nostalgia and longing so built into the record’s sounds.

Orion Tango have released a powerful statement here, and no one summed it up better than themselves: “A tango is all about moving smoothly as one with your partner. Orion Tango’s tango is all about doing the same thing between minds and instruments.


1. Find Your Happy Place 09:04
2. SuperGun 05:31
3. Gravity Knife 17:06
4. Orion Tango 09:14
5. The Last Song 08:17


* Barry Meehan – bass
* Jeremy Carlstedt – drums, percussion
* Tim Motzer – guitars, electronics, sampler




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