Live Report: OPETH Live at Alcatraz, Milan – 14.11.2016.

Mikael Akerfeldt of Opeth, live at the Alcatraz in Milan, November 14, 2016

Opeth has released in September their newest album titled Sorceress via Nuclear Blast imprint Moderbolaget Records managed by the band, and I couldn’t have been happier to attend a show on the ongoing European tour.

On Monday the 14th of November Opeth played in Milan at the Alcatraz with Sahg as a support act. This line-up will definitely bring to anyone who attends their concert a great sense of completeness. Sahg played for about 40 minutes and brought Heavy Metal with their songs, almost as they were there to pump the crowd up and get them ready for the mighty Opeth.

Swedish proggers opened their set with “Sorceress,” heavy enough to get the crowd going crazy. Followed a short series of classics like “Ghost of Perdition” and “Demon of the Fall,” and then folksy “The Wilde Flowers” from the new album. “Face of Melinda” and “In My Time of Need” got me really speechless, as they just sounded superb. After these two chill out moments out comes “Cusp of Eternity” that starts to shake the crowd again followed by two of the greatest songs ever written by Opeth — “Heir Apparent” and “The Grand Conjuration.”

There were lots of funny moments, courtesy of the crowd, such “I f**ked listening to Opeth which got Mikael’s reply “I’ve never done that and I never will, but hope you enjoyed that.” Akerfeldt dedicated “The Wilde Flowers” to an Italian progressive rock band Museo Rosenbach who, he said, inspired the song in the first place. And ironically he also said that Eros Ramazzotti was a huge inspiration, as well.

Encore time and “Deliverance” kicks in, a mix of power and melody that really shook everyone in the crowd with the ending part that is still one of the best prog patterns ever composed. Everyone who’s badmouthing Opeth for their change really has to see them live because they didn’t change — they evolved. Seeing them live after seven years was mesmerizing because I experienced a band that has pretty much the same attitude, but with a more refined suit on them. The fans who attended yesterday (and who attended or will attend the other shows on this tour) are well aware of what kind of magic these “dark” wizards are ready to cast.

Opeth Live at the Alcatraz, Milan – November 14, 2016 Setlist:

01. Sorceress
02. Ghost of Perdition
03. Demon of the Fall
04. The Wilde Flowers
05. Face of Melinda
06. In My Time of Need
07. Cusp of Eternity
08. The Drapery Falls
09. Heir Apparent
10. The Grand Conjuration
11. Deliverance

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