Nili Brosh – A Matter of Perception

Nili Brosh - A Matter of Perception

A disciple of Tony MacAlpine, Nili Brosh is a young guitarist who has developed a passion for complex structures and metal flavours. Already her second album, A Matter of Perception is a labour of love and sees the collaboration of such famous artists like Virgil Donati, Marco Minnemann, Stu Hamm, Bryan Beller, along with her mate of Tony MacAlpine‘s touring band, drummer Aquiles Priester.

Ladies first, let’s start with the various moods of the guitar throughout the album. Pleading on the haunting title track, it turns jubilating on the aquatic Spring Tune. The instrument then sails in an effervescent way on the funky seas of the multi-layered Double Entendre. Amazed licks escape from the prudent Exit Strategy, before tear-jerking solos take over on the anthemic ballad Silence of Saturday. The rhythmic  The Chase offers a wealth of dizzying 6-string notes. Then from insolent on the galloping boogie rocker Eli, the guitar goes troubled on the giddy Adaptable Creatures. Further on, the young lady’s versatility can be appreciated when her humble play on the moving Yolanda follows the proud delivery on the groovy Alien Hip Hop (a cover of a piece Virgil Donati wrote for a proto-Planet X project called On The Virg, later also covered on Planet X‘s Quantum).

Nili Brosh

Besides, the creative drumming provides a lot of depth to the tunes, while the groovy bass gives them a cozy side. Keyboards with their wide array of sounds, can be in turn spectral, orchestral, majestic or pensive, playing an extra role in the halls of imagination and emotion.

Very close in the spirit to Planet X, A Matter of Perception is a real stunner. Nili is a gifted guitarist who has a great career ahead of her. All the hard work that her experience required is fruitful in the end. We are indeed really pleased to see that not only she can compete with the greatest guitarists on a technical level, but she is also able to write amazing compositions. This is an artist to follow.


01. A Matter of Perception

02. The Spring Tune

03. Double Entendre

04. Exit Strategy

05. Silence of Saturday

06. The Chase

07. Eli

08. Adaptable Creatures

09. Alien Hip Hop

10. Yolanda


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