Moonbound – Confession and Release

Moonbound - Confession and Release

The brainchild of vocalist and multi-instrumentist Fabio Trentini, Moonbound might sound in your spirit as avant-garde/prog at the only sight of the line-up (Markus Reuter involved in many electronic prog projects and avant-garde music and recently with King Crimson Project, and Pat Mastelotto who is drummer for King Crimson for 20 years now, among other guests). But then you look at the dreamy surrealistic cover and you remember that Pat Mastelotto was with the band that brought us the hit song “Broken Wings”, before taking over from Bill Bruford in the King Crimson team. And finally, when the music plays, you understand that you are in for pop-oriented material. But arty, thoughtful pop, the kind that accomplished musicians like Kevin Gilbert, Ray Wilson, Ty Tabor, or more recently Simon Collins, are able to bring to life. This music flows flawlessly, with strong vocals, punchy and masterful drums, catchy melodies and mesmerizing yet at the same time enchanting guitar licks/synth layers.

From the sunny “Nina”, to the Byrds-like “Flight towards the sky” with its “jingle-jangle” guitar, to the spastic “Tired of being good” where Pat is almost literally “treating bad” his drums (in line with the song title), through to the robotic Police-like title track (my favourite of all), the hasty “Last minute of the Day”, the syncopated “Divergent moons”, the uplifting balad “My life ain’t worth being lived without you” and the reflective “Up above” with its brushed snares and slide guitar, this is an album that will put a smile on your face and make your days anytime you give it a spin. One will also notice, that drums on the upbeat “Future after You” and “It looks like rain” were mixed differently from the other tracks, in a more eighties feel, hence coming as a wink to Mr. Mister.

In a nutshell, I cannot recommend you enough this album, the musicianship is astonishing and although steming from various musical territories, the players managed to give to Moonbound one single melodic direction.


01 Nina

02 Tired Of Being Good

03 Future After You

04 Confession And Release

05 Last Minute Of The Day

06 My Life Ain’t Worth Being Lived Without You

07 It Looks Like Rain

08 Luna Calante (Waning Moon)

09 Divergent Moons

10 Up Above

11 Flight Towards The Sky

12 The Lengths A Man Will Go To

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