Marduk – Serpent Sermon

“Serpent Sermon“ is 12th full lenght of Marduk, one of the biggest and most famous black metal bands ever, which marks the beginning of their cooperation with Century Media and apart from that novelty everything else remains the same in Marduk’s world: they are stil dedicated to the initial cause of being the most blasphemous band on the entire planet that band’s leader Morgan has set at the very beginning of their existence.

“Serpent Sermon“ is basically standard outing of Mortuus’ era in terms of music, but it marks certain improvements over its predecessor “Wormwood“ which was dangerously stale for such a big name and already when the first opening title track kicks in you will realize that Marduk prepared this one way more seriously. Mentioned song is brimming with those famous Swedish freezing melodies, and next one “Messianic Pestilence“ and “Souls for Belial“ will tell you that “Serpent Sermon“ belongs to the group of faster Marduk’s outings while Mortuus brings that hellish aura in spades; it is also very good that he is more screaming and using his sick voice to maximum effect than on “Wormwood“ where his delivery was sometimes even cringeworthy.

“Into second death“ will also generate and shape one more notion of the album – it is notably old school, this song in particular brings ancient Bathory vibe into the fold, but the aura of newer Marduk is still kept intact – it is just cleverly mixed into the overall sound. Slower songs were often the weakest links on Marduk’s albums and I am always most afraid for the outcome of those ones but luckily this time even they (“Temple of decay“ for instance) are interesting enough so “Serpent Sermon“ is in that aspect similar to “Rom 5:12“ which still stays the ultimate Marduk album with Mortuus and modern black metal classic.

It should be mention that limited edition of the album has one bonus track entitled “ Coram Satanae“ which is easily better from more than half of the songs on the actual album, so when hunting for the new album keep that info in mind. “Serpent Sermon“ was recorded in Devo’s Endarker studios so you can expect the sound similar to last few outings; allegedly the guys recorded the music when they felt like it so the final result of such laid back approach is more than obvious: “Serpent Sermon“ is one great album that shows that there is still no slowing down for Marduk after all these years and I can already bet that it will be one of the key releases of 2012 in this musical field.


01 – Serpent Sermon
02 – Messianic Pestilence
03 – Souls For Belial
04 – Into Second Death
05 – Temple Of Decay
06 – Damnation’s Gold
07 – Hail Mary (Piss – Soaked Genuflexion)
08 – M.A.M.M.O.N.
09 – Gospel Of The Worm
10 – World Of Blades
11 – Coram Satanae

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