L'Ombra Della Sera – L'Ombra Della Sera

L’OMBRA DELLA SERA comes to my attention through the musicianship of Fabio Zuffanti, who- among his many projects- is the guy behind HOSTSONATEN, one of Italy’s great modern prog acts. Although it’s been suggested that this band may only be a one-off experiment and go nowhere in the future, we are left with an interesting piece of soundtrack-worthy music regardless. Following in the footsteps of GOBLIN, L’OMBRA DELLA SERA douses their music in the spooky thrills of Italian horror cinema, creating an eerie and pleasantly atmospheric ride that tugs on a listener’s imagination without pulling them in completely.

Fabio Zuffanti is a pretty well known character in the Italian prog scene, after having put out so much music. This great quantity does not seem to have come at the cost of quality, however. On top of the core trio (bass, keyboards, drums), the music of L’OMBRA DELLA SERA is beautifully arranged to feature flutes, horns, and even a tender, albeit superfluous vocal section on the album’s fourth track ‘Ritratto di Donna Velata’. The music on this self-titled debut is generally kept quite loose, perhaps best described as a mix of jazz fusion and eerie Italian synth atmosphere. Much in tune with the vibe of a horror film, the music of L’OMBRA DELLA SERA creeps along, preferring to entice a listener in, rather than handing them the instant gratification of ‘catchy melodies’ and other, decidedly non-spooky musical elements.

Just barely scraping the edge of ambient music, Zuffanti and co. are making drawn-out music, in that it does not seem best meant for an active listen. Although the recording is clear and the musicianship filled with dynamic, L’OMBRA DELLA SERA tend to take quite a bit longer to say something than the average progressive rock band. Although this works wonders for its vibe as a ‘hypothetical soundtrack’, for intents and purposes as an album its most overdrawn explorations verge of boredom. Heavy on atmosphere, but light on surprise or activity, ‘L’Ombra Della Sera’ is a very good album, but it is one that requires a relaxed ear to enjoy it.


1. Gamma (11:21)
2. La Traccia Verde (3:51)
3. Il Segno Del Comando (Cento Campane) (6:34)
4. Ritratto di Donna Velata (5:03)
5. Ho Incontrato Un’ Ombra (A Blue Shadow) (17:51)


* Fabio Zuffanti – bass
* Agostino Macor – keyboards
* Maurizio Di Tollo – drums

* Alessandro Corvaglia – voice
* Andrea Monetti – flute
* Paolo Fulvio Marrasso – double bass
* Enrico Guoa – trumpet
* Gianni Allevi – sax



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