Liquidarlo Celuloide – Sinapsis

Liquidarlo Celuloide - Sinapsis (2010)LIQUIDARLO CELULOIDE are an experimental / psychedelic / Krautrock project formed in Lima, Peru in 2003. This album “Sinapsis” has been released in 2010 via a Peruvian independent label Buh Records, with full of heavy psychedelic feeling around itself. Listening throughout the whole album and I’ve felt there are prematured and sharp-edged space elements here and there, all around their spacey jam sessions. Very perverse, fourth-demensional tripper sounds they have definitely, but yet enough digested I feel. Flexibly, with relaxed, they may play I’ve heard, and got fond of their painful sharpness … especially the first track “Descarga Quimica” has heavy, deep, but sharp flavour like a cask strength whisky. On the contrary, depressive stuffs like “Transmision Del Impulso Narvioso” or the last phrase of “En La Actividad De Conservacion Homeostatica Extrema” should stick my mind with plaintive guitar weeping sometimes. And let me say, the last tune “Segrega Un Tipo De Proteinas” can be the most aggressive and attractive sound kaleidoscope for me (exactly it breaks my brain protein in pieces!) … in this stuff, I can see more of their promising future as a Peruvian progressive project.


1. Descarga Química (5:06)
2. Transmisión Del Impulso Nervioso (4:31)
3. Corriente Eléctrica (4:20)
4. En La Actividad De Conservación Homeoestática Extrema (3:22)
5. A Ambos Lados De Una Membrana (4:27)
6. Segrega Un Tipo De Proteínas (1:32)

Total Time 23:18


* Alfonso Vargas / drums
* Javier Manrique / guitar
* Juan Diego Capurro / keyboards


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