Liquidarlo Celuloide – Cruzyficción Monosódica

Liquidarlo Celuloide - Cruzyficción Monosódica (2010)Another LIQUIDARLO CELULOIDE’s creation “Cruzyficción Monosódica” released in 2010 via Buh Records is more experimental, more Kraut-ish than “Sinapsis”.

Just like a shower of shells shot via a launcher, they make a sudden, amazing attack upon the audience with experimentally eccentric noises and scattered mad ambience. Alfonso’s persistent hard-touched drumming, Javier’s fuzzy garagey guitar solos, and tough dry keyboard sound-basis by Juan Diego can twist all together and press upward each other, especially in “Adoración Abducta Y Profana” or “Ritual Psicobolido”, really great stuffs – that can remind me recent Stoner Progressive blended with Hawkwind-y Space Rock and Can or Guru Guru-like Krautrock inner world.

The first shot “Delirium Tremens” is crazy too, in that so painful keyboard pressure, groaning, and guitar the knife, high-pitched drumming … surely kick us into terrible delirium. Throughout the song are desert atmosphere, chill water flood, and burning lava. The tide turns and the midst of this creation – “Ofrenda Nocturna”, “Iniciación Crepuscular”, and “Lluvia Dorada” – should have pure experimental impacts as if hijacked by Fille Qui Mousse or Semool … with something gracious like French projects (only for me?).

“Trance Hipnótico” and “A La Izquierda Del Padre” can throw me the most impressive Krautrock movements, regardless of the shortness of each track. I’ve felt very attractive (in my trance situation) especially the former one – in the real world, everything is warped, cloudy, and bizarre in this tune … but just after immerse into it, every sound structure gets straight and sharp, mysteriously. “Renacer En El Pantano” and the titled track sound like the end products of this experiment – all of their experimental explosions can be jammed into these two, with terrific noises, hypnotic fantasia, and progressive killa.

It may be too tough for every progressive rock fan to digest this pretty experimental creation by them, but let me say, do not avoid this liquidized experimentalism.


1. Delirium Tremens (2:47)
2. Adoración Abducta Y Profana (5:08)
3. Ofrenda Nocturna (3:43)
4. Iniciación Crepuscular (3:10)
5. Lluvia Dorada (2:00)
6. Ritual Psicobólido (4:00)
7. Trance Hipnótico (1:28)
8. A La Izquierda Del Padre (0:58)
9. Renacer En El Pantano (3:05)
10. Cruzyficción Monosódica (4:32)

Total Time 30:51


* Alfonso Vargas / drums
* Javier Manrique / guitar
* Juan Diego Capurro / keyboards


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