Album Review: Josh Kay – Absence of Time

Josh Kay - Absence of Time

Like the supercollider, Josh Kay seeks to smash two dissimilar things together and see what the results are. Naturally, an experiment by “mad” scientist, composer and guitarist from Portland, Oregon to combine progressive metal, jazz fusion and plenty of other music styles into one would of course create some explosive outcomes. Not to mention some pretty phenomenal musical pieces.

Absence of Time is the third album by Kay, it’s scheduled for the September 1st release, and is ready to take you to unparalleled heights. Look to the skies: that is where Josh Kay is going to take you.

For a totally instrumental release, this thing is seven tracks of expansive, experimental and wholly gripping fusion music. Take the album opener “Beyond the Astral Reflection” for a fine example: starting off so minimally, guitars and cymbals (drums are programmed by Kay, by the way) meekly registering their presence in the room before their flamboyance bounds forth from them with a burst of self-confidence.

Interview with Josh Kay

Josh Kay (photo by Foto Phortress)

If there is one enduring thing to take away from listening to this release, it’s that experimentation is the key to success: be it “Absence of Time’s” (song) flowing, flying musical escapology, “Ravine’s” chemistry, or “Solace in Sleep’s” otherworldly, ethereal ambience leading to space explorations. Everything on show here is made to play with the musical form and to evoke a response from your mind. And Josh’s music is what makes you want to explore.

My pick would have to be “Ocean Reveries,” clocking in at four and a half minutes. It’s frantic, for one thing: Josh, who handles every instrument present in the mix, is really laying down some serious licks on this, striving for the very best in his playing abilities and pulling it off with aplomb. Masterful work and a treasure for any fan of the indefinable yet oddly marvellous.

To say what Josh Kay has done here is prog is inaccurate; to say that it is metal is too vague. Rather, he has thrown into Absence of Time all his passions, excitements and inspirations and cooked up something that is beyond compare.

Read an interview with Josh Kay where he talks about Absence of Time here. The interview as well as this review are part of the Prog Sphere Showcase feature.


1. Beyond The Astral Reflection
2. Ravine
3. Absence of Time
4. Solace In Sleep
5. The Legato Gestapo
6. Ocean Reveries
7. The Sixth Extinction


* Josh Kay – all instruments and programming


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