Jolly – The Audio Guide to Happiness Part 1

They are Jolly, a band from the US based in NY which consists in four talented members. In 2009 they released a promising debut album, and now in this 2011 they’ve returned with “The Audio Guide to Happiness Part 1″, a great album that let us know that newer bands have a lot to offer, so one can have the confidence that progressive rock is still kicking assess.

More than 45 minutes divided in twelve tracks is what you will find here. The album opens with a one-minute intro called “Guidance One”, which is just a spacey track with female voice that will lead you to “Ends Where it starts”. Yeah since the first second you’ll feel the power of the music that seconds later will calm down a little bit when vocals appear. The drums work is great during the whole song, the vocals are pretty good and the bass cannot be left behind. There are heavier moments in this track but that does not mean it is metal-oriented.

“Joy” is less heavy than the previous one, actually the rhythm is pretty catchy so one can easily dig it. Here the keyboard work is also essential; my favorite part is after minute three, an instrumental passage where the bass sound is simply awesome and the atmosphere they create blows my mind. “Pretty Darlin’” has some kind of charismatic rhythm, the piano produces a sensual sound which is complemented by rockier guitars. This song is nice, but not really memorable.

Now, “The Pattern” may be my favorite track. I love that bass at the beginning and how the other instruments join seconds later in order to create a powerful sound. Despite in moments it slow down, my mind is still spinning and waiting for the moment it will explode again. Fantastic track! And another thing I like a lot, is that after this powerful song you will find a much calmer track and that actually does not affect your personal rhythm, so that combination is actually good. “Storytime” is the name of that track, its mood shares some kind of reflection and even tranquilization after the previous song.

“Guidance Two” is like the first part, and it marks the intermission of this album, ending with that female voice in a countdown. “Still a Dream” has some kind of tension and a chaotic atmosphere. The second half of the song starts heavier but it slows down later, creating a dreamy atmosphere at the very end.

“Radiae” has a charming beginning with guitars, seconds later the other instruments and vocals appear and maintain that soft sound that can easily catch your attention. The same structure prevails for three minutes until it makes a change and becomes a bit heavier, combining progressive rock elements with some hints of alternative.

“Where everything’s perfect” is another heavier track with some kind of growl vocals in the end of the chorus. After two minutes there is an instrumental passage that I like a lot, the keyboard element here produces cool atmospheres, the bass is sometimes addictive, drums always constant and interesting, while the guitars creates nice figures. After four minutes the song calms down, the sound of kids playing appear, and then the song returns as it began but just for a minute, because later it turns darker.

“Dorothy’s Lament” has actually that sound of lamentation as the title suggests. The first minute sounds like hidden or a bit far, but later it increases and the sound is next to you. The guitars are the vocals partner almost all the time. This is a soft track which may be actually the last true track of the album. But actually the last song is “Intermission”, which is a seven- second speech of the same female voice of the “guidance”, saying that this is the end of the first part.

This is a very good album, I am interested in the second part of this Audio Guide to Happiness, but well, I am not really in love with it, I believe they can catch up more my attention in future works, that is why my final grade will be three stars.

Enjoy it!


1. Guidance One (0:54)
2. Ends Where It Starts (5:24)
3. Joy (4:39)
4. Pretty Darlin’ (3:51)
5. The Pattern (6:25)
6. Storytime (3:49)
7. Guidance Two (1:01)
8. Still A Dream (5:56)
9. Radiae (4:14)
10. Where Everything’s Perfect (6:10)
11. Dorothy’s Lament (3:36)
12. Intermission (0.07)

Total Time: 46:06


* Anadale – guitar, vocals
* Joe Reilly – keyboards
* Anthony Rondinone – bass
* Louis Abramson – drums


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