Review: JEROME KHATTAR – Resurrection

Jerome Khattar - Resurrection

Back in November French guitarist and songwriter Jerome Khattar launched his instrumental debut EP entitled Resurrection—a ‘down-to-its-core’ progressive metal outing with plenty of different elements.

Upon my first experience of Resurrection I was left with the impression that this is a musician that has a clear vision of what route his music leans toward. That is all well rounded with maturity that is usually found with more established acts and musicians. Khattar’s melodic rock solo work style combined with a heavy metal guitar attack and occasional middle east excursions gives him a sound that reminds me of some of the classic Symphony X and Orphaned Land albums from years past.

One of the things I like best about this release is the variety in the types and styles of songs. Besides typical fast pieces and some slower pounding heavier ones, Khattar experiments a bit with different tempos and melodies that are somewhat uncharacteristic for a Prog Metal act. “Reminiscing” uses more melodic and different guitar lines and the title track becomes a big epic Prog-Power surge with lots of emotion.

Infectious Prog Metal with melody just about sums this release up. The melodies to the songs have a more melodic rock feel to them but with a killer passionate style as delivered almost to perfection by Khattar’s guitar. With all said and done, Jerome Khattar is one of the bright stars on the horizon on the metal scene.

Resurrection is available on Bandcamp. Follow Jerome Khattar on Facebook and Instagram.

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