Jaime Rosas – Flashback

Jaime Rosas Flashback album cover

Wonderful album by this Chilean talent!

Jaime Rosas is a trained and talented musician from Chile, who has been involved in several musical projects through his career. I could see him on stage some years ago at Baja Prog Fest with his band Entrance, but I did not know his solo work. So with some luck I could meet him some days ago, had a great talk and received his music which I have really enjoyed so far. So in this 2011 he released a new album, entitled ‘Flashback’ which reunites six compositions in which Jaime had been working in the past.

And I will quote him: ‘It is a ‘greatest hits’ CD of never-recorded (and sometimes never- composed) music. During this process, I have rediscovered several worlds which I had previously abandoned, I have been able to discover new ones and it has been an excellent opportunity to meet old and new friends’. So with this, we can understand that it is a very personal album to him, which surely encourage him to finish it and make its high-quality songs. As I said, it comprises six compositions making a total time of 53 minutes. It starts with the longest and probably most complex and ambitious track, a 20-minute song entitled ‘Primera Luz’, in which we will listen to bombastic keyboards, fast-tempo rhythm, a wonderful and elaborated bass, and a constant drumming. Here we can easily appreciate the compositional and technical skills of Rosas, his Hammond solos are mind-blowing, they don’t let you escape once you are inside the song.

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