Album Review: I Built The Sky – The Sky Is Not The Limit

I Built The Sky - The Sky is Not the Limit

The Sky Is Not The Limit or as old romans would have said: Nomen Est Omen. This album written by Rohan ‘Ro’ Stevenson, from Melbourne Australia delivers exactly what it promises. With each song named after a certain cloud formation which fits the mood, atmosphere and feeling of the songs, I Built The Sky create something special. Inspiring guitar work, well-thought and executed drums and a huge variety of sound flow into a stream of emotions preserved in a “limitless” recording.

So where to begin? Most songs are built on a foundation of well written drum tracks with nicely present snare and bass drum that are just enough to let the guitar lift the listeners into the stratosphere. And from there — as the album title tells you — there is no limit.

Sound-wise I Built The Sky feels like a perfect mixture between John Browne’s Flux Conduct and Joe Satriani with a lot of influences throughout the entire djent and progressive scene. But Ro Stevenson creates new, well-mixed arrangements that just fit every mood. From progressive songs that blow your mind, to parts with a truckload of different guitar sounds that fill your heart with everything it desires, even to an acoustic song that will make the hardest men cry, this album invites the listeners into the heaven made of sound and feelings.

Photo by: Sam Tan

Photo by: Sam Tan

The first songs start off fast and present the effort that Ro Stevenson put into his songwriting. In “Translucidus” his guitar work just keeps pushing the riffs until we, as listeners, are lost. This is exactly where he grabs us by the ears again and helps us getting back on track.

Only drawback I was able to find is the comparable tempo of the first four songs. But Ro Stevenson interrupts this impression immediately by presenting a very atmospheric song called “Cirrustratus” which could be a very good song to fall asleep as well as wake up to. Whilst “Velum” delivers a new feeling of sound that just fits perfect before “Floccus” rises in big cloudy formations and helps us to get rid of all the stress in our heart. I recommend you to close your eyes to this song and let go of everything that is bothering you. After this dreamy song three more speedy ones accelerate with a variety of perfectly timed guitar solos that are anything but boring. To put an end to the album that should not have an ending Ro Stevenson picked up his acoustic guitar and wrote “Altrostratus”  in order to assist us finding our way back to earth.

All in all The Sky Is Not The Limit from I Built The Sky is a wonderful mixture of everything guitar players and progressive music lovers want to hear: Riffs that don’t expire, a variety of guitar sounds and solos that not only display Ro Stevenson’s guitar skills but an heavenly atmosphere paired with a rollercoaster of emotions from song to song. And I promise that this album keeps getting better with each time you listen to it.


  1. Stratiformis (feat. Jake Howsam Lowe)
  2. Radiatus (feat. Stephen Taranto)
  3. Translucidus (feat. Sith Aye)
  4. Humilis
  5. Cirrostratus
  6. Velum
  7. Floccus
  8. Lenticularis
  9. Cumulus
  10. Aviaticus
  11. Altostratus

Line Up:

* Rohan ‘Ro’ Stevenson – guitars and composition



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