Gordon Fights – Gordon Fights

This Swedish band came as a total unknown to me, but knowing that they were one of the bands playing this year’s Duna Jam festival in Sardinia made me interested to check them out. It wasn’t hard to get their music as Transubstans Records provided me a digital copy of the record. After so much chewing Gordon Fights, it’s time to proceed to digesting.

Gordon Fights’ sound is rooted in 70′s hard rock with just a bit of modern alternative sound, so their pretensions are obvious. They try to revoke the spirit of the 70′s by keeping up with contemporaneity. Tracks such I’m Gonna Wait and Time Machine are the counterweight to the rest of the album which is more based on 1970s nostalgia. Although, these two aforementioned tracks do not leave the shape of a decade which most of people wish for.

Stylistically, these five Stockholmers bring the spirits of Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Allman Brothers Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd to the “modern“. A certain versatility in their dynamics illuminates the album’s circulation from the opening As I Please down to the closing piece Parasite. The band is rocking and stressing out, but also easing and disburdening. Each song has its rocking and easing moments, and there isn’t anything epochal if talking about a song structure. But the way they do it is interesting and sounds very distinctive and fresh.

Well, considering what all was released this year, it would be a tough task seeking where Gordon Fights fit in 2011 album ranking lists, but certainly this is far from weak record, so let time judge where it stands in music history. Check it out!


01. As I Please
02. Birds & Flowers
03. I’m Gonna Wait
04. Dance Quite Well
05. Brothers & Sisters
06. Time Machine
07. No Rope Around Me
08. Little Darling
09. Warrior
10. Parasite


* Viktor Balkewitsch Persson – vocals, guitar, harmonica
* Rasmus Söderling – drums, percussion
* Tobias Alpadie – guitar
* Patrik Engström – bass
* Anders Carlsson – keyboards, percussion



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