Franck Carducci – Oddity

Franck Carducci Oddity album coverCannot close my mouth upon listening to his album, by his music / instrumental versatility. As if all the instruments around him were his hands and feet, and as if they could speak Franckly … err … frankly all he wants to say there, he can play them smoothly, with grabbing every instrumental personality.

Over all the others, “Achilles” is Franck’s dramatic theatre. From the very beginning, heavy fuzzy guitar fire and graceful keyboard sounds, deep but clear blue bass & drums combination kicks can open the theatre curtain instantly. His beautiful and delightful show goes all around like something of epidemic. Never being flat but more theatrical, the hero (Franck’s voices themselves) hops and jumps around and around as though the stage should be very narrow. However his drama is not only active as above, but sometimes also very calm, gentle, safe and sound, as if a huge condor first flies over slowly but stormily, and the following time glides smoothly, and finally descends upon the ground quietly – this creation may owe much to his tragic flute solo methinks. Just the time that the tide gets stable, again comes a sudden hurricane with drastic keyboard works and heavy, deep bass explosion – around the scene we cannot help chilling under the sharp-edged sound-blizzard. The ending action of the hero can blow our minds completely away – his aggressiveness can fly over the clear blue sky, and another clear synthesizer crystal water makes all atmosphere gracious, until the last guitar chord touches our heart softly. Splendid moment comes into us.

Although the first experiment is so pretty impressive that the other songs cannot ring my bell enough, Franck shows his multiple appearance in the latter phase.  I love especially “The Quind”, a mellow acoustic number with theremin-like synthesizer journey. Delightful Country & Western flavoured stuff “The Eyes Of Age” gives us little relaxation. The following “Alice’s Eerie Dream” is, at least for me, less characteristic – a loud guitar based heavy rock tinged with indie and simultaneously oldie scenes – very powerful but less progressive I’ve felt. Luckily, the last track “The Last Oddity” is another spacey one, veiled with funky riffs and cosmic hints, challenging finish in my opinion.

In conclusion, I guess such a quite fantastic first shot might dilute the other songs with its impression, and sadly makes this powerful album less-balanced. However trust me, his ability and activity can be thought terrific.


1. Achilles (14:51)
2. The Quind (9:23)
3. The Eyes Of Age (4:31)
4. Alice’s Eerie Dream (11:51)
5. The Last Oddity (10:17)
Bonus Track
6. The Carpet Crawlers (6:06)
7. Alice’s Eerie Dream (Radio Edit) (4:00)

Total Time 60:59


* Franck Carducci – all instruments
* John Hackett – flute
* Larry Crockett – drums
* Yanne Matis – backing voices
* Phildas ૐ Bhakta – drums


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Videoclip’s link;

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