Album Review: Fiction Syxx – Tall Dark Secrets

FICTION SYXX' Debut "Tall Dark Secrets" Out Now

Every avid music listener spends a lot of time in search for something new or something to be acquainted with. Especially when it comes to the hard rock genre — to the roots of every post-1980’s metal subgenre. I think that a no fan can give up that taste, but on the other side it could be boring to listen to the same old song played all over again. Luckily some bands choose the original route, and this is where Fiction Syxx come to the scene. A brand new band, with the familiar sound that rocks.

Fiction Syxx stayed true to heavy metal/hard rock and added progressive rock to their sound. There is a huge influence of AOR hiding in the branches. There are quite a few bands that have been experimenting with these elements over the course of time. What makes Fiction Syxx different is the way they managed to put this all into work. Music embraces differences it brings from these elements. Singer, and mainman, Mark Allen Lanoue has a damn good voice which fits even better with the music, and he truly makes difference on the group’s debut effort Tall Dark Secrets.

The five-piece — beside Lanoue also features experienced players including JK Northrup (guitars), Tony Franklin (bass), Rory Faciane (drums) and Eric Ragno (keyboards) — has come up with a record that is nothing less than how they describe their music. What it clearly shows is the experience and hard workmanship.

Tall Dark Secrets features eleven songs, each of them coming with a taste of deliciousness on its own. The opening “Given Sight,” a personal favourite, starts with a short intro, and as the songs goes by, you realise that the music of Fiction Syxx ensures you made a right decision to listen to the album. “Tow the Line” is a very likeable, catchy tune that brings a more prog rock vibe and a large influence by, I would say, Pink Floyd and Rush.

Although the songs are generally conventionally structured, they are well written. Lanoue has a beautifully melodic voice that can also get aggressive when it needs to. There is also such a great variety to the music, but the songs all hold some memorable ideas going on for them. There is a bit dark vibe to these deeply melodic compositions, and a crisp sound to the whole thing makes it easy on the ears. One of many things I enjoy about Tall Dark Secrets is its organic style of production. The drums here sound lively, and the guitars sound warm and not over-polished. The guitar solos are incredible, and when the band gets technical, I find myself very impressed by what Fiction Syxx have to offer.

If you are a fan of traditional hard rock adapted for the world of today, Fiction Syxx is a great addition for your music collection.


01. Given Sight 04:48
02. Play On Words 04:03
03. Tow The Line 04:16
04. Welcome To My Nightmare 04:38
05. Demon In My Window 04:49
06. Larger Than Life 04:36
07. Where We Belong 04:11
08. Your Promised Land 03:49
09. Spirits Collide 03:42
10. Time To Heal 06:44
11. Children Of The Night 05:20


Mark Allen Lanoue – Lead and Backing Vocal, Rhythm- Lead and Acoustic Guitar
JK Northrup – Rhythm- Lead- Slide and Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocal
Tony Franklin – Bass
Rory Faciane – Drums and Percussion
Eric Ragno – Keyboards


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