Fatal Destiny – Palindromia

Fatal Destiny - Palindromia

Palidromia is a full-length debut by Verona progressive metal quartet Fatal Destiny. In their own words, Palindromiacould be seen as the result of a firm intent: the desire to offer a quality product that would be the natural outcome of the band’s passion for music and composition.” The line-up consisting of singer Andrea Zamboni, drummer Nicolo Dalla Valentina, bassist Filippo Zamboni and guitarist Riccardo Castelletti, is completed with the addition of keyboardist Alessandro Bertoni who is listed as a guest on the record.

The band start spreading their message with a short instrumental title track, which sets wheels in motion, and following “Beyond Dreams” shows the energy and power by keeping melody in the game. “Leave Me Here” underlines that last part, with a softer intro and a general feeling of more laid-back-ness. Which doesn’t mean it lacks in strength.

“Human Factory” is more like an opener, very heavy and full of energy and powerpower. They really don’t hold back for even a bit in getting their visions heard. They really have their song compositions and general style down though. They know what they’re all about and what they can do, and they do that more than well, although the progressive elements are a bit more hidden.

The closing “No Devil Lived On” is an outro that, after all said and done feel like these Italians sure have quality.

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