Face The Maybe – The Wanderer

Face The Maybe - The Wanderer

The Wanderer is the second album from Spanish prog metal act Face The Maybe. Taking a trick or two from various different modern and classic progressive metal bands and combining them with classic rock, metalcore, death metal, experimental and avantgarde, Face The Maybe’s sound is certainly rooted in progressive canon, but it’s often focused on melody. My first impression regarding The Wanderer is that things have improved on virtually every front for Face The Maybe, compared with their previous album Insight (2011). With the new album it is obvious that the band found a distinct voice for themselves, but also this new record has made it clear that this band is capable of much more than I first thought.

“0.086″ devotes itself completely to a quirky symphonic overture accompanied with beautiful female voice by Rosalia Vila, although this strange charm is trade off for a more conventional take on songwriting throughout most of the album. “All That I See” is another song that stands out, which comes along with nice guitar passages and beautiful singing by Tomas Cunat, who can sing absolutely everything. Although a bit mellow, Face The Maybe conjure some powerful emotional energy here.

The majority of the album focuses in on the melodic songwriting, relying on a more polished sense of production and performance. For a band that makes melody such a hot spot in their style, Face The Maybe’s melodies are very memorable especially considering that the songs on The Wanderer are rather lengthy. They are pleasant to hear, but they also seek or challenge the listener.

Although the album is divided into 12 tracks there is a certain flow to them; they smoothly flow between each other. “The Island” is one of the album’s best cuts. Guitar solos on “Seth” (and it could be said for the album in general) are performed with easiness that adorns some of the best John Petrucci‘s perfomances.

While Face The Maybe do not yet leap out beyond their like-sounding contemporaries, there has been a noted improvement in the time between the albums. Having said that, this band has found their own voice and for that I recommend them wholeheartedly.


1. 0.086
2. All That I See
3. Escape
4. The Island
5. Seth
6. Sunstrings
7. New Dawn
8. Danaides
9. Dagger
10. The Swan
11. Scales
12. The Wanderer


* Tomas Cunat – vocals
* Joan Carles Mari – drums
* Eimel Trejo – lead guitar
* Frederic Torres – bass, vocals
* Sebastian Budding – rhythm guitars




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