Album Review: Eden Shadow – Melodies for Maladies

Eden Shadow - Melodies for Maladies

Eden Shadow is a relatively new name on the UK and worldwide progressive rock scene. They have been around since 2011 and ever since then they released two singles, an EP and two full-length albums. Their newest release is a sophomore full-length album titled Melodies for Maladies. The trio based in Guildford features Ryan Mark Elliott on vocals, guitars and keyboards, Alex Broben on bass, and Aled Lloyd on drums. Their music blends elements of melancholy, the spirit of Nordic folk, and British progressive rock. All of this is true; throughout this record there is surely an omnipresent feeling of melancholy, which is mostly carried by the vocal harmonies and a variety of keyboards-related stuff.

Melodies for Maladies is divided into six songs with a total duration of almost 60 minutes, which is what amazes me about the release. Why? Well to put it simply, most “modern” bands don’t put so much material on their the albums nowadays.

The main instrument on this record is the guitar, played masterfully by Elliott. The sound of guitar is well-rounded, the riffs are melodic, but heavy, guitar solos are executed flawlessly. The interplay between guitars and vocals is another highlight of Melodies for Maladies. The term “virtuosity” has been a synonym for progressive rock for a while, but this release is focus on melody over the technicality.

Eden Shadow's Ryan Mark Elliott

The craftsmanship and musicianship are top-notch that it ultimately makes me think how is it possible that these young guys deliver such a mature material? And that is a great thing. Starting from the openers “Ventriloquist” and “False Prophet,” both exceed the 10-minute mark, as Melodies for Maladies flows by Eden Shadow are even more prolific; they are like a flower that opens up slowly.

The album’s centrepieces, are two songs named as “Introspect 1” and “Introspect 2.” Basically the first paves the path for the following 19-minute prog epic. The 2-track suite features guest appearances from Theo Travis on flute and saxophone, Stephen Presto on piano, and singer Emma Davidson. It’s unnecessary to say that this piece is a “summa summarum” of what can be expected from Melodies for Maladies.

To conclude, with Melodies for Maladies these guys hint that they have the knowledge and potential to make something good. At least, this record is far from being categorized as a “hobby album,” it surely needs to be listened and is not one of those “skip-over” releases. Give this album a chance and let the music speak to your heart, rather than your brain!


1. Ventriloquist
2. False Prophet
3. Burden of Power
4. Introspect Part 1
5. Introspect Part 2
6. Logos


* Alex Broben – Bass Guitars
* Aled Lloyd – Drums
* Ryan Elliott – Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards

guests on “Introspect”:

Emma Davidson – Vocals
Stephen Presto – Piano
Theo Travis – Flute and Soprano Saxophone






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