DAAR – One-Way Expedition

Daar - One-Way Expedition

A 90’s band, DAAR had a deeply rooted passion for progressive ever since, but just after their reformation in 2011 they started writing down some songs. So, here’s how their debut EP “One-Way Expedition” left its fingerprint on us.

The opening track, “Portal”, is the most prog rock piece off the record, expanded with a touch of metal, felt right from the intro. It’s always great and interesting to come across records that are writing an ode to the roots of the genre and DAAR is doing not only that but also brings out the fresh vibes that newly born “math/djent” bands are using across their songs.

Although the keyboards respect in a certain matter the well-known sound that marks the beginning of the genre, the listener also gets the chance to hear on “Cocoon” some futuristic and techy insertions here and there. The song is basically an extended and intense guitar solo, though it would have been nice to get a clearer sound so that the listener could really capture some of those delightful notes. The change in pace comes right towards the end when the keyboards take over the scene again whilst everything in between gets filled with all sorts of sounds, from Townsend-ish to guitar cleans and other artificial echoes.


The intro to “Terror Machine” could easily be the soundtrack for a thriller. This is the heavier part of the EP and that’s actually what makes it stand out. Oh, and there is some intricate guitar work that really puts those EMG pickups to work.

As “Scars” flows in you can tell that this is going to be the star track off the EP. The ethnic and surreal sounds are carefully built around the leading rhythm and the diverse guitar layers.

The title track, “One-Way Expedition” showcases the sound-popping bassline and continues the ethnic motives from where “Scars” left us. Towards the end the dynamics of the record move into a more relaxed and groovy area and offers the listener one of the most heart-warming solos off the EP.

For a first record, the band has a lot to offer, although it still has to find its own path and probably following the direction contoured on “Scars” will do them good. I did prefer the clean parts more than the ones when the distortion kicked in because there was obviously a much clearer sound. Apparently the band has already a lot of material for a second release, so it would be interesting to see where they are heading from now on.

Favorite track: Scars


1. Portal
2. Cocoon
3. Terror Machine
4. Scars
5. One-Way Expedition


* Oliver Arunovic – lead guitar
* Nebojsa Nedeljkovic – drums
* Sasa Kostic – bass
* Ivan Kostic – guitar




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