Crystal Thoughts – Toxic Phenomena In Kosmic Fields

Toxic Phenomena In Kosmic Fields (2011) - CRYSTAL THOUGHTSGuess this album might be CRYSTAL THOUGHTS’ (especially the frontman Spiros’) interpretation upon the ‘current’ acid folk.

CRYSTAL THOUGHTS, founded in 1999 as an acid folk duo by Spiros ROUCHOTAS and Vassilis STAVRIANAKOS but disbanded in the following year, were reformed under the same moniker as another quartet by Spiros. Finally in 2011 they have released their debut creation “Toxic Phenomena In Kosmic Fields”, featuring four new tracks, and one recorded in their beginning era.

At the same time, they should consider ‘streaming and floating’ pretty important, and have played and recorded much carefully. They can amazingly come out with mellow, meditative, meaningful darkness and freshness in their soundscape, that sometimes sounds like mind-altering space rock like Pink Floyd for me but basically steady (namely, not whacked-out like Furekåben) acid-folksy colour comes to the fore. Cannot know whether I can call their primeval-flavoured melody line as Greek one or not, but their ethnic history or life should create such a deeply mysterious line. The first track “Kosmic Journey” sounds exactly cosmic / hypnotic / spacey, deeply in the core of meditation journey of their mind with altered states. “Psilocybe Effect” has definite acid folk depth and width with expanding sound echoes and eccentric voices by a sound effector – a bit inorganic and awkward though.

The titled track, the beginning of the B side, expresses another acid tour overlapped with typical folk pop scene, that indeed reminds me an early-1970s Japanese acid folk project Folk Crusaders (especially “Imjin River”). Female voices and cloudy flute solos are quite beautiful and tragic in “Tear Of An Elephant” – this stuff sounds a bit different from the other ‘dark / spacey acid folk’ for me. Don’t know in detail why it sounds so honestly, but I guess this song should have more definite ‘progressive folk’ structural essence here and there than others. The last shortest one “Carovna Pistalka” can be suitable for the epilogue of this album, with sharp-edged acoustic guitar, flute, and female narration (so graceful!) combo. Cool, delightful air is left around me after listening to this album really.


Side A
1. Kosmic Journey (16:24)
2. Psilocybe Effect (3:30)
Side B
1. Crystal Thoughts (8:47)
2. Tear Of An Elephant (9:35)
3. Carovna Pistalka (2:30)

Total Time 40:46


* Lilian Tsatsaroni – all voices
* Mike Lawson – voices, narration
* Janka Helmeciova – narration
* Spiros Rouchotas – bass, drums, guitars, keyboards, percussion, flute, oboe, bassoon, electric sitar, nature sounds & effects


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