Crumbling Ghost – Crumbling Ghost

The debut creation of CRUMBLING GHOST is filled with stoner heaviness, pop infiltration, and Oriental intelligence.

The undoubted intention set up by four creators is not crumbled like the project name but getting stronger upon the stuff. They’d tried some experiments upon the firm basis named stoner rock … especially in the last (and the longest) track “Battle Of Barnet”, various essence like pop stream, ethnic flavour can be added as topping upon rigid stoner structure in the vein of Kyuss or Sleep. As though we could say that this stuff blows all safe and sound atmosphere away with their energetic heaviness, which can let me call them dark stoner wizards. But that’s not all. Sometimes invaded by their melancholic melody structure based on cool spirits of four talented cool wizards, as if they could save us from the dark side of the world. On the contrary, “Daytrip To Bungay” is a short and delightful one, with full of amazing Oriental pop essence. Terrific spiritual groove we can feel in it, and get slight momentary quietness of mind.

Crumbling Ghost – Battle of Barnet by Witheredhandrecords

Basically this album is aggressive, beyond our words. “The Stumbling Host” has swinging, floating heavy riffs thrown by loud twin guitars and deep rhythm section. We can see very eccentric warped, elongated space with glittering dark, fuzzy stars. Also in “Blasted Heath”, one simple phrase can alter itself like Gulliver in various-sized nations, although psychedelic stoner is likely to get monotonous and boring … maybe along with their music pleasure, fun.

As a result, their debut work had got united as a variation based upon stoner rock. This heaviness, solidness can cause our full stomach through listening to the whole album. Splendid, and a bit tough (in a good sense) for me.


1. The Collector (5:51)
2. Omie Wise (5:33)
3. Aggro Pronto (4:06)
4. The Stumbling Host (6:42)
5. Daytrip To Bungay (2:17)
6. Blasted Heath (6:57)
7. Nobody Here (3:18)
8. Sheriff’s Ride (1:53)
9. The Man Of Burnham Town (4:16)
10. Battle Of Barnet (10:41)


* Matt Atkins – drums
* Donny Hopkins – guitar
* Neil May – bass
* John Mosley – guitar, voices


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