Concrete Sun – Sky is High

I am not sure if what we are witnessing with the Serbian underground rock scene is emulating the mythological image of the Phoenix’s ascension, but certainly the lake that seemed to be pretty tepid in recent years is raising waves. Erm, let’s leave that discussion for some other time and focus on this promising new band, hailing from the city of Novi Sad. This band delivers a striking combination of southern metal and stoner rock, although their own categorization is “southern sludge ‘n’ grunge“.

First of all, if I didn’t know where the band came from before I listened to the album, I’d probably say this is another band from Texas. Not sure if it’s because of the band’s reminiscence to Pantera and Down, but other than that there is an omnipresent feeling of southern (desert) and stoner factors. Sky is High is a record which requires the patience and if you are not armed with it, then go back listening to Slayer. It’s kind of weird, but the album fits perfectly in time when the Sun is torturing my sweat glands on a +40 (celcius) day.

The harshly melodic vocals of the singer Strahinja Cerovina keep the album’s flow up together with guitar duo of Bojan Mijatović / Budimir Živković and their heavy-as-fuck riffs. Last Man Under the Sun, which we included on Progstravaganza 7, is the most commercial track off the album (if commercialization does work here) paying tribute to Pantera’s Cowboys from Hell / Vulgar Display of Power period. That being said this particular track stands out from the other songs, but at the same time binds them.

Marshalling the riffs in an equal order from the opening Just a Beginning down to Hide Behind, with absorbing guitar solos and excellent singing, Concrete Sun prove that southern metal is not unfamiliar for this part of the world.


01. Just a Beginning
02. Euphoria
03. Last Man Under the Sun
04. D.A.N.U.B.E.
05. Junkyard Dog
06. God Forsaken Prostitute
07. Ruff Song
08. Sky is High
09. Hide Behind


* Strahinja Cerovina – vocals
* Bojan Mijatović – guitar
* Budimir Živković – guitar
* Strahinja Petrović – bass
* Miloš Topić – drums


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