Album Review: Aeonic Impulse – A Night for the Troubled

Aeonic Impulse - A Night for the Troubled

It would be a tough sell to convince anyone that Aeonic Impulse is doing something new on their debut studio album A Night for the Troubled, but to be honest there were not many albums that bring such an interesting on heavy prog combined with jazz, metal and alternative rock. And because of that this LA rockers deserve attention from fans of progressive rock. Their workmanly collision of Porcupine Tree’s prog, Jeff Buckley’s rock and Tool’s noise is too common on paper, but Aeonic Impulse have a good sound going for them.

With a guitar-rich sound, it falls upon the songwriting and small nuances of personality to distinguish A Night for the Troubled. For what it’s worth, this album is an upbeat release full of interesting melodies and rhythms. Although the first half of the record is very attention-grabbing, it’s the second half where Aeonic Impulse really hit their mark. “View of the Sunsent” and “Regretful Insomnia” rack up an entire album side (if we were speaking of sides); and even if that sort of thing appears to be a go-to calling card in prog rock, it shouldn’t diminish the weight of the ambition it takes to accomplish one. “Staring at Static” hits up the atmosphere with its groove.

“Awaken Away” and “Existing with the REM” set the album back on the already paved path, showcasing how a song can be in the same time catchy and complex. Aeonic Impulse sound tight enough to suit the style, and compared to a lot of the progressive rock that comes out today, A Night for the Troubled comes off as a totally different and interesting take.

With all said and done, Aeonic Impulse is a band that signals big things are yet to come. These guys have potential to make something big. And memorable.


1. Part I: View of the Sunset
2. Part II: Regretful Insomnia
3. Part III: Staring At Static
4. Part IV: Existing Within The REM
5. Part V: Awaken Away
6. Part VI: View of the Sunrise


* Ryan Rappaport – rhythm guitars
* Jordan Salfity – lead guitars, backing vocals
* Pete Bucci – bass
* Gasper Gray – lead vocals
* Fernando Guerrero – drums, percussion


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