How Rock-Themed Games Helped More People Than Ever Get Into The Genre

Until recently, rock had always been a genre that toyed with going mainstream but never really succeeded. Yes, there were certain bands like Queen, Guns N’ Roses, and Metallica that gained worldwide recognition and were hugely successful. But these acts have never been considered to be pop music. This meant that getting rock music into pop culture was somewhat difficult. But that all changed with Guitar Hero. A game that bridged the gap between rock and leisure, it helped more people than ever get into the genre.

Guitar Hero Kick-started it All

The Guitar Hero franchise has to go down as one of the most innovative and original in gaming history. Prior to the release of the game from Harmonix in 2005, there had never been anything quite like it. It introduced its own piece of hardware, the guitar-shaped controller, and allowed players to rock out to famous riffs. Anyone who had ever dreamed of playing the guitar was suddenly able to feel as if they were doing so. The accessible buttons meant that people of all skill levels could play, and you just needed to follow colours on the screen in order to hit the right notes.

Since the release of the original Guitar Hero, there have been seven titles in the main series and various spinoffs. It has been an overwhelming success, earning more than $2 billion in sales for Activision. Because of this, it inspired a vast number of other developers to follow suit and create similar titles. It sparked a rock genre that spilled out onto other platforms as well, including mobile.

In addition to its influence, Guitar Hero also resurrected classic tracks from yesteryear and helped audiences of today to get into them. Some of the great songs featured on the original game were Spanish Castle Magic by Jimi Hendrix, Crossroads by Cream, and Smoke on The Water by Deep Purple. Despite each of these tracks having been released decades before the game, they were still incredibly popular with players.

Rock Themed Slots Have Helped Reach Wider Audiences

The influence of the rock genre in gaming has spread out into the online casino sector, and now it is one of the most common themes in slots markets. This has clearly had an impact on the popularity of rock music, which is highlighted by the success of the Guns N’ Roses reunion tour. When the original line-up decided to get back together in 2015 and go on tour the following year, it was massive news in the rock world. However, people who don’t follow the genre may have been unaware. The Guns N’ Roses slot from NetEnt helped raise awareness, and reminded people of the classic songs from the band’s heyday.

Rock-themed slots can help players get into certain bands, and they can also be used to attract rock fans to the reels. More and more bands each year are now being immortalised on the reels, and people are enjoying spinning while listening to classic tracks. One of the more recent free slots on the market is Kiss: Shout it Out Loud!, which will stir up plenty of nostalgia for people who love the distinctive, visual rockers. Some other free rock slots include Jimi Hendrix, Motorhead, and Spinal Tap, and it’s likely that more will be released, considering how popular the current options are.

Games Have Also Been a Way to Spark an Interest in Learning Instruments

Aside from getting more people than ever into rock music, Guitar Hero has also helped spark an interest in the learning of instruments. The original title that kick-started it all doubtlessly helped inspire swathes of people to commit to learning the real thing. Then games like Rock Band came about and gave players a taster of all the other great instruments they could play. These games may have helped people to overcome barriers that had stopped them from learning before, and made them realise that playing instruments was possible.

There were some more advanced games that rose up in the wake of Guitar Hero as well. Ubisoft’s Rocksmith, for instance, enabled players to connect a real guitar to the game. This was a unique way to learn how to play, as the visuals onscreen told players where to put their fingers. Although this idea hasn’t taken off massively yet, this game could provide a glimpse as to how people could learn instruments in the future.

When Guitar Hero first came out in 2005, few could have predicted the impact it would have. Not only has it given the rock music industry a huge boost, but it has also helped inspire players to take up instruments.


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