WOLF COMPANY Launch Debut Video Single for “Your Stain”

Wolf Company

Manchester based progressive rock quartet, Wolf Company have premiered a debut video single for the song “Your Stain.” The video can be seen below, and is available as audio from iTunes.

Wolf Company, comprised of Mike Jones (vocals), Jack Hogg (guitar), Nick Farnworth (bass), and Matt Harrison (drums), are newcomers on the UK and international progressive rock scene, and while their age proves opposite, with “Your Stain” the band showcases maturity and seriousness that usually comes with a few releases under one’s belt.

Matt Harrison comments: “The initial idea for Your Stain was sculpted around a couple of bass riffs that were introduced in a writing session. These riffs were then matched with a chorus that Hogg (guitar) had written quite a while prior to that particular session, and when he and Mike (vocals) worked on vocal melodies to compliment what we already had, the rest of the song almost fell into place. The finer details and more intricate elements of the song were put in place when most of the final product had already been written, but from the beginning of the writing process to the end of the nitty gritties, moulding every part and concept together was a relatively smooth journey.

The story of “Your Stain” is based around an individual whose idea of existence is warped, and after realising their overall insignificance – feels the desire to do something to be remembered to make their mark (or “stain”).

As a result, they do something terrible but later begin to regret the particular actions they chose to make. However, despite the nature of their doing, in the end they achieve their dream of leaving a mark,Harrison continues.

There are different parts of the song where different influences are apparent,” he admits. “With the bass riff being one of the main hooks along with unconventional chord progressions and falsetto vocal lines, a Muse style sound comes out, and in the post breakdown section, a Jeff Buckley influence is shown, along with some Karnivool style elements thrown in. Lyrically, as the concept behind the song is a story we have constructed ourselves, this takes a leaf out of Paul McCartney‘s book, but of course the themes are often fairly darker than the Beatles. Leaving a topic open to the listener’s interpretation is something we have interest in, and so in this instance the lyrics were worked upon using that style of writing.

The band’s future is bright, and Wolf Company are ready to take big steps. On the band’s future, Harrison says: “As far as writing music goes, as a band it’s our goal to improve as musicians and to continue growing as a group, with our music getting more intelligent and interesting as we develop. We all agree as a band to make wise musical decisions and not to do things just for the sake of doing them. We all absolutely love what we do and the music we create so it is our goal to record, play live and write music as its what we’re all completely passionate about.

Check the video for “Your Stain” below, as well as the album art of the single which is available now from iTunes.

Wolf Company - Your Stain

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