VOYAGER’s “Runaway” Gets Shortlisted for “Eurovision – Australia Decides”

VOYAGER's "Runaway" Gets Shortlisted for "Eurovision - Australia Decides"

Australian synth prog-metal sensation Voyager have announced that their song “Runaway” was shortlisted for Eurovision – Australia Decides.

Following an application via the Song Portal, the band finally received recognition for submitting a track and had a tribute paid to the band on the Live TV show that aired on Saturday 8th February on the Gold Coast.

An exclusive snippet of the new music video for “Runaway,” plus a short interview with vocalist Danny Estrin can be seen below.

Danny Estrin, having grown up with Eurovision being a big part of his life, said this about the event:

Growing up in Germany, Eurovision was part of my lifeblood when it came to writing music and performing. What started out in jest back in 2015 when some of our fans made a joke that we should contend for ‘Eurovision – Australia Decides’, has made a transition to a pretty odd reality for us. Each year we’ve submitted a track to Eurovision via the Song Portal, never imagining we’d ever get a look in as a metal band. But this year we had a call to say we had been shortlisted, and that we were invited to the live TV show. It was a pretty surreal experience for Ash and me, seeing ourselves on the screen and we’d love to thank of our fans for your constant support in pushing us beyond the realms of possibility.

Metal music isn’t hugely represented on national TV or daytime radio, but we’d like to think that we’re one step closer to opening more doors for bands like us who are just trying to reach more people with our music. Who knows, maybe next year….

Danny Estrin

Danny Estrin

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