VON HERTZEN BROTHERS: Live YouTube Show Tonight

Von Hertzen Brothers’ concert in Helsinki tonight (March 14) will be broadcast live online to mark the upcoming launch of their fifth album, Nine Lives.

The show in the Semifinal venue will be performed before a small invited audience, but fans all over the world will be able to watch it as it happens via YouTube.

The band are currently taking questions for a Q&A which will kick off the evening at 18.00GMT. To submit your own query, tweet using the hashtag #vhbnninelives.

Mikko Von Hertzen recently said they originally planned to concentrate on the more accessible side of their sound with Nine Lives. But he added: “Suddenly it spun out of control – and that progressive side of our nature once again took control. The ‘KISS’ motto, ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid,’ that I learned back in school, is still not fully at home in this world of ours, even though we do try our best.”

(via Prog)

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