VIAJE A 800 New Album In Stores: Coñac Oxigenado

Viaje A 800 is an Andalusian and Spanish stoner rock classic. A band respected by critics and audience alike, with a journey full of obstacles and bad luck (just three titles in 12 years of age), with which Alone Records has maintained a close relationship since our label took its first steps.

Finally, their highly anticipated album ‘Coñac Oxigenado’ has been released during the third quarter of 2012. Viaje a 800 closes up a stage where they have undergone through several changes in its classical line-up, which delivered rock gems as ‘Diablo Roto De…’ and ‘Estampida de Trombones’.

On ‘Coñac Oxigenado’ Andalusian rock is more present than ever, it´s heavier than ever and more progressive than any of its previous releases. Four new songs: ‘Tagarnina Blues’ holds your heart on pure emotion; at ‘ Ni Perdón ni Olvido ‘ Spanish heavy rock meets Melvins, ‘Oculi Omnium … guitar solos blends with flamenco-ish claps, and on top of that, a very particular version of Buffalo’s, ‘What’s Going On’. Over 50 minutes of psychedelic and stoner rock of one of the best and underrated Spanish rock bands of all time.

Stream Coñac Oxigenado from the band’s Soundcloud profile.

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