TRUTHSEEKER: Debut Album “Blue Oblivion” In The Works

Brendan James Hayter

The long-awaited debut album of the instrumental metal project from Boston, Truthseeker, led by Brendan James Hayter is taking the shape. Commenting on Blue Oblivion, Hayter says:

This is the first full-length effort for Truthseeker, consisting of 8 songs. I recorded all of the instruments this time, so it is now a one-man project. It is being recorded by Dan Gonzalez, who also did Weightless at Dawn, at Bootleg Boston Studios in Cambridge, MA. The drums were recorded at Nightfall Studios in Canton, MA.

Asked to describe what the album is about, Hayter continues:

Blue Oblivion is a perspective on human life as I imagine it would be seen by a soul who has left the physical world and is now looking back on their journey from the ‘Reflection Fields’. The album is made up of 8 songs – 8 reflections on some of the strongest emotions and sentiments of the human experience, and the Truth behind them that can only be seen from the valleys beyond Death.

The official track listing of the album is as follows:

1. Blue
2. Gravity
3. Resistance
4. Ache
5. Footprints
6. Intruders
7. Glaciation
8. A Holographic Testament

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